Online Oncological MDT Service

                            OrigiMed’s online oncological MDT service brings together a group of professionals, targeting at fully assessing cancer patients in all aspects to provide tailed clinical management plans. Our team consists of oncologists, internal physicians, surgeons and professionals from radiology department. We cover a range of solid cancers, including lung cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancers, hepatobiliary cancers and breast cancer.

                            Effective and efficient

                            You can access our online oncological MDT service anytime and anywhere.

                            Comprehensive service

                            Our high quality NGS genomic testing panels allow targeted treatment plans.

                            Individualised consultation

                            We provide 24-hour individualised consultation service on NGS testing reports interpretation.

                            Physician assistant

                            Our physician assistants provide guidance and support on the use of softwares.

                            Strong network

                            We have advanced software system that allows imaging storage, upload and communication for both PC and smartphone access.


                            We are here to provide the most appropriate treatment plans in compliance with relevant government and legal regulations.