Stringent Product Validation

                            The first Chinese precision medicine company
                            that published a validation study of
                            NGS-based test with broad gene panel.

                            Overall, 33 cell lines and 3,309 clinical samples were studied.

                            1. This is the world’s first paper on validation of broad-panel NGS assay by assessing TMB and MSI as biomarkers both in targeted and immunotherapies.
                            2. OrigiMed’s whole-process quality control follows the highest industry standards and all series of products are systematically validated.
                            3. To ensure the precise and accurate testing result accessible to every patient; to powerfully underpin physicians’ clinical decisions.
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                            The first Chinese precision medicine company
                            that conducted a head-to-head comparative study
                            with FMI’s broad gene panel test.

                            1. The research was published in the world’s authoritative oncology journal, JCO Precision Oncology, an official publication of ASCO.
                            2. This head-to-head comparative study is the first to compare a Chinese sequencing product with an FDA-approved broad panel test for the same study samples. According to the result, OrigiMed’s broad panel test showed a high degree of concordance with FDA-approved F1CD from Foundation Medicine in several studied genes and variations.
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