Creating the future of
                            precision medicine on cancer treatment

                            We are the first Chinese precision medicine company which introduced NGS testing panels for comprehensive genomic profiling. We are devoted to providing the most high quality comprehensive molecular diagnostic technology to assist in personalized treatments for patients and physicians.

                            We work together with physicians to explore advanced cancer treatment options in precision medicine, as well as innovations on researches and clinical trials on real world studies.

                            Our laboratory is CLIA certified and CAP accredited. It is also certified as China third-party medical laboratory. We are equipped with multiple international standardized high quality sequencing laboratories. Our laboratories have achieved full marks consecutively on both national and international quality assessments.

                            Based on real-world studies
                            High-quality scientific research papers


                            SCI impact factor


                            Proven tracks
                            More than 50 solid cancers




                            Scientific research

                            CAP Accreditation
                            CLIA Certification
                            By the Centers for Medicare
                            & Medicaid Services
                            Cancer Moonshot SM
                            of the United States
                            Chinese Research Center
                            of International Cancer
                            Proteogenome Consortium
                            Co-founded a cancer
                            genomic information database
                            of Chinese patients with
                            the Chinese Society
                            of Clinical Oncology and
                            the Eastern Clinical Center
                            of Oncology
                            Built a new clinical
                            trial sharing platform
                            with CTONG