Established product line and quality control system

                            • OrigiMed was founded
                            • Financing was kicked off
                            • Involved in the publication of the first 'CAGC Consensus on the Clinical Application of Next -generation Sequencing'  in China
                            • Launched YuanSu (元溯), the very first broad gene panel on the market

                            Precision medicine and patient management at all stages

                            • Started series A financing
                            • The only bioinformatic analysis team recognized by the Chinese Research Center of the U.S. Cancer MoonshotSM
                            • Rewarded as a National New High-tech Enterprise
                            • Invented OriLongindel and Orifusion algorithms that were the most advanced in the industry
                            • Joined the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO)
                            • Launched the first commercialized PD-L1 IHC test in China
                            • Invented YuanSu S (元溯S), the first broad gene panel combined both DNA and RNA sequencing
                            • Invented QiYuan ctDNA (啟源) with broad gene panel
                            • Launched Dr Groundhog APP, the first online oncological patient management platform

                            Big data platform

                            • Series B financing
                            • Joined the National Digital Health Center (North China) in Jinan
                            • Received CAP accreditation
                            • Received CLIA certificate
                            • Launched ZhiXun WES+, the first comprehensive WGS with broad gene panel in China
                            • Invented YuanSu IOTM, based on immune checkpoints with broad gene panel
                            • Established the first oncological Internet Hospital focusing on precision medicine in China
                            • Established ICRN - OrigiMed precision medicine platform for hepatobiliary cancer
                            • Established CSCO - ECCO -OrigiMed big data platform for genomic information
                            • Established Molecular Tumor Board, international consultation

                            One-stop solutions for pharmaceutical companies

                            • Collaboration with Bayer in developing the first NGS-based CDx kit
                            • Publication of biomarker discovery for new drug R&D in the Journal of Clinical Oncology
                            • Received the Medical Device Business License of China
                            • The first Chinese publication of NGS validation in The Oncologist
                            • Publication of proteogenomic research on hepatocellular carcinoma in Cell
                            • Partnership with CTONG - OrigiMed innovative platform for clinical trial sharing
                            • Established the online international molecular pathological platform
                            • Participated in the biggest Real World Study on soft tissue sarcoma and bone cancer in China
                            • The largest international demonstration center of precision medicine on hepatobiliary cancer

                            Established OrigiMed Smart Data Center

                            • Formed OrigiMed Cancer Precision Medicine Experts Group in Hainan
                            • Qualified to conduct COVID-19 nucleic acid testing as one of the first institutes in Shanghai
                            • Published the article of the first Chinese assay with broad gene panel comparing with the one approved by FDA on 《JCO Precision Oncology》
                            • Involved in the publication of the first Experts Consensus on Clinical Application of Molecular Hepatobiliary Cancer Diagnosis in China
                            • Signed the agreement on the strategic collaboration with Takeda China
                            • Completed the enrolment for the first NGS-based CDx clinical trial
                            • Co-developed multiple NGS-based CDx kits
                            • Invented BenXi, the broad panel test for hematological malignancies
                            • Participated in the project of molecular pathology in soft tissue sarcoma and bone cancer in China
                            • Participated in the Real World Study on breast cancer in young females