We are OrigiMed

                            At OrigiMed, a leading precision medicine company, we are devoted to providing the highest quality comprehensive molecular diagnostic technology to assist in personalized treatments for patients and physicians. Advanced and customized ‘one-stop’ solutions from OrigiMed have supported pharmaceutical companies in the development of trials, treatments and companion diagnostic kits. Our aim is to promote further innovative reformation in cancer management in China.

                            At our CLIA certified and CAP Accredited laboratories, we run a range of diagnostic assays for precision medicine. We are the first Chinese diagnostic company that launched NGS testing kits combined both DNA and RNA sequencing. Our products have reached over 500 hospitals and research institutes in China.

                            As a reliable partner, we deliver our customised ‘one-stop’ solutions to biopharmaceutical companies from their new drug R&D to market promotion.

                            OrigiMed has established the first oncological Internet Hospital focusing on precision medicine in China. We are committed to providing the best care to all patients regardless of where they are.